Our Story

How It all started

Our story begins where most success stories begin; with challenges to overcome, mountains to climb, industry leaders to study. It is this pursuit which led to the development of our effective formula and innovative products.

Why Should You Partner with Us?

Why should your organization partner with What’s Up Hemp when there is no shortage of Hemp companies? While there are many reasons which will be discussed, the main reason any business considers a partnership is long term PROFITS and stability. Our price structure is industry leading and offers great opportunities for profit-centric clients, and so, it is our commitment to sustaining high levels of profitability where others inevitably scale back.

“But there are many fly-by-night companies which make bold promises, yet seldom deliver on those promises”, you say? Answer: What’s Up Hemp has over 15 years’ experience, ranging from retail to wholesale distribution, behind it!

The founder of What’s Up Hemp has brought his extensive insights, into the mind of the consumer, to bare upon the CBD industry.

Partnering with the largest distribution network on the east coast, strategic distribution nationally, along with access to thousands of retailers is a combination which lends itself to an immediate impact toward brand recognition. As all product based distributors know, the retail/wholesale industry is built upon repeat business and this aspect has been thoroughly vetted and developed across a multitude of criterion by What’s Up Hemp, not the least of which is personal relationships and unmatched service.

Having served millions of consumers, with national sales in the hundreds of millions, we are not in short supply of experience. Our team is well versed in the arts of competition, though What’s Up Hemp is second to none. As trendsetters, we pride ourselves in resetting existing trends by challenging the status quo. While the leading brands appeal predominately to male, one such challenge undertaken by What’s Up Hemp is our concentrated effort to be inclusive toward the wider consumer base of today.

It is our passion towards delivering the highest quality products, coupled with a no-compromise attitude toward service that has left a deep and profound imprint on the industry and it is this reason which not only ensures our survival, but our thriving in the future ahead.

Our long standing, and ever expanding partnerships are a testament to the diligence, honesty, and integrity with which we approach every potential client. While the leading brands are burning their bridges to the distribution channels which have benefited them in years past, What’s Up Hemp is working hard to rebuild those bridges.

It is with the above in mind that we sincerely invite you to contact us to sample What’s Up Hemp so you too may become convinced of its unparalleled quality, and effectiveness, as well as the personal level of service you should expect.